August 27, 2014 - 6308 S Halsted St - 3-11 Alarm

Date Time City Dept Alarm Level Incident Type Address
22:52:04ChicagoChicago3-11 AlarmApartments Over Commercial6308 S Halsted St
Time Incident Notes
22:52:37Upgraded to Still & Box Alarm
23:04:04Report from the scene: Fireground traffic says 2 cuts were made in the floor and that it's "rolling" in the basement.
23:04:18100x200, apartments over commercial, basement fire, couple lines led out, cutting hole in floor
23:12:16Upgraded to 2-11 Alarm
23:12:40Asking for high-expansion foam
23:18:37DC 2-1-30 assuming command
23:23:02Report from scene: Cos going defensive
23:30:512-7-4 - Companies defensive. 3 story 100x150 apartments over commercial. Fire breached through floor. 2-1-3a responding.
23:34:432-1-30 requesting the spare snorkel from E35
23:39:15Upgraded to 3-11 Alarm
23:50:27Asking for the deluge gun in from the west on 63rd St. E104 has the message.
00:09:352-1-3 responding to the 3-11
00:39:51Hose Wagon 6-1-2 responding
00:53:345 master stream, 5 multi-versals working and more covered by fireground
01:07:29Red Cross responding with a canteen
01:07:51Report from scene at 12:57: Fire through the roof
01:19:22Tower 39 reports fire through the roof, closer to Sector B. Not sure what the explosion was, but the fire intensified.
01:22:295 Master Streams, 6 Hand lines, Cos "holding their own"
03:08:453-11 struck out by orders 2-1-6

Listen to Radioman911 fireground audio here:

Watch the fire from a CFD Tower Ladder