Cicero Interdivisional Box Alarm Factory Fire 1829 S. 54th Ave
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Date Time City Dept Alarm Level Incident Type Address
18:14:34CiceroCiceroInterdivisional Box1829 S 54th Ave
03:55:06CiceroCicero2nd Alarm1410 50th Ct
08:55:45CiceroCiceroInvestigators Box Alarm1410 50th Ct
14:03:41CiceroCiceroInvestigators Box Alarm1829 S 54th Av
09:37:22CiceroCiceroInvestigators Box Alarm1829 S 54th Ave
Time Incident Notes
18:15:49Upgraded to Box Alarm
18:25:38Upgraded to 2nd Alarm
18:27:25Box Number is 101
18:42:38Exposure problem to the south. Buildings roof is starting to catch
18:43:34Upgraded to 3rd Alarm
18:52:02Upgraded to 4th Alarm
19:08:51This appears to be a 3-story factory. There is a photo posted at
19:14:55The north wall just collapsed.
19:33:08Photog on scene reports that the smaller 1 1/2 or 2-story exposure building to the south is now fully involved.
19:38:41Main fire building roof just collapsed
20:27:50Strike force 3 eng & 3 truck requested from MABAS Div 20.
20:31:22Chicago is sending a hose wagon and engine to Roosevelt and 54th Ave. to pump water south from a Chicago hydrant. Cicero Command wants Roosevelt Rd shut down between Central and Laramie once Chicago gets in place.
20:33:09Upgraded to Interdivisional Box
20:59:22Divisions 10, 20, and Chicago chief, 6-1-2 and E26 update for now
21:01:28Responding from MABAS Div 20: Trucks from Northlake, Hillside and Bellwood. Engines from Bensenville, Melrose Park and Norwood Park
21:15:10The Division 20 Task Force has arrived on the scene.
21:49:28 Run Down for Cicero: Box: Berwyn Engine, North Riverside Engine, Forest Park Engine, Stickney Truck (Replace of NR Truck) , Oak Park Truck, Bedford Park Snorkal, Lyons Squad, Off Duty Cicero Chiefs, All MABAS 11 Chiefs, Berwyn 900, Lyons 1301, Berwyn Rehab - Riverside Engine COQ 2nd Alarm: River Forest Engine, Brookfield Engine Replace of Lyons Engine , Riverside Engine from Change, Broadview Truck, Hinsdale Truck and Forest View Engine COQ 3rd Alarm:Lagrange Engine (Replace of Brookfield) Pleasantview Engine, Forest View Engine from Change and Lagrange Park Engine COQ 4th Alarm: Lagrange Park Engine from Change, Elmwood Park Engine, Chicago Truck Co , Chicago Chief , Hinsdale Chief and (Westmont Engine COQ in replace of Summit Eng ) Special Request for Chicago Hose Wagon 6-1-2 and Engine 26 MABAS 20 Interdivisional Box: Northlake Truck, Bellwood Truck, Hillside Truck - Engines: Bensenville, Melrose Park and Norwood Park
21:56:53The original fire building was vacant with squatters. The exposure building to the south is Central Steel Fabricators at 1843 S. 54th Ave.
23:03:20Fuel truck on location
23:29:30Co's now report A explosion on the "Delta" D 1 exposure building.
01:19:304th alarm/ interdivisional box been struck out
03:20:27Broadview and Brookfield engines now leaving the scene.
03:55:182.5sty ordinary frame house
03:57:16Upgraded to 2nd Alarm
04:00:15Cicero now requesting a 2nd Alarm for the house fire at 1410 50th Ct.
05:20:40Requesting an extra engine
05:55:31Rekindle, requesting a Chicago truck to go back to the scene
07:09:54Cicero FF injured at the fire.
08:32:51Command has now struck out the 2nd alarm.
08:56:11Per F12.
14:00:13F-7 now striking-out the box.
09:38:40This is the 2nd Investigators Box to this location. There was another one yesterday, the morning after the 4th Alarm.
11:51:43F-18 now striking-out the box.